Inside the Art & The Artist 

Edwin Fountain

Welcome to the world of Edwin Fountain Art.

Edwin Fountain is a Pacific Northwest resident that originates from Alabama. In addition to his youth on the farm in rural Alabama, he also spent a portion of his life in the beautiful state of California. Through the different periods of his art, you can see the influence geography had on his style as well as different political themes that were shaping culture at the time. 

"Who is Edwin Fountain"

Fine art at its best. Each piece is unique to itself, meaning that it can't be duplicated because it follows the woods natural ebbs and flow in an almost philosophical way. 


Over time you can see how Edwin fountain style has changed. In his earliest stages he expressed himself through catching the landscape with rich colors that inspire felling reminiscent of his youth 


History is unfolding everyday. Similarly so is art since art mimics reality.


EF Art all reflects modern culture which interns ages well and becomes a historical representation of the times .

Pen Work 

Exceptional detail and depth is displayed in Edwin Fountain Pen Work which is heavily focused on pointillism.

"The Process"

"The Face"

High End Fine Art created in Seattle,Washington