The Wooden Circe

The Wooden Circe


Named after the famous enchantress that fell in love with odyesuess and turned his fellow crew mates in animals with her magic .


Here we have her immortalized in maple wood perfect for indoor or outdoor.


In a series about human representation and interconnection with the immortal. Edwin Fountain uses  faces, outlines, crowns and heads mixed with  his unique twist of styles to potray his vision. Edwin Fountain attempts to express how there is unique beauty in everything; as well that we are all connected in everything apect of of life. We are all interwined with the trees, earth, past, future and entire universe, we are one big family. 


Theres just around a dozen pieces in the entire collection so very limited run of this particular style. When asked EFA said " i will most likely not visit this style again, as my art is always growing and evolving."