Laguna Mi Amor

Laguna Mi Amor


Made for the water lovers , this is a one off EFA.  Unlikely to ever make a piece like this again, it was inspired by his time in SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA.


In a series about human representation and interconnection with the immortal. Edwin Fountain uses faces, outlines, crowns and heads mixed with his unique twist of styles to portray his vision. Edwin Fountain attempts to express how there is unique beauty in everything; as well that we are all connected in every aspect of life. We are all intertwined with the trees, earth, past, present, future and entire universe, we are one big family.


Each piece is 1/1, Edwin Fountain believes each of these pieces already exist, he just removing the extra when he carves them.


There's just around a dozen pieces in the entire collection, so a very limited run of this particular style. When asked EFA said " I will most likely not visit this style again, as my art is always growing and evolving."