Welcome & allow us to Introduce 

Edwin Fountain's


Singers sing, Dancer dance and Authors write to express themselves, Edwin fountain expresses his through art. Through Abstract Realism , Neo Expressionism, sculptures, surrealism and his art is know to raise the subconscious.


His art reflects History ,

High Technique Fine Art ,

Emotional Value 

Authentic Subject Matter 




"Met Gala 2020"

"Change of the Millennium "

Depicting early tradegies that we all still remember and hold dear. This peace aims to capture the beauty before the storm 

"Prince Rodger Nelson"

Landscape Series 

Inspired by Edwin Fountain's life growing up on a farm in rural burnt corn Alabama during the Jim Crow era this series is his  earliest work and shows his reflection of a simple farm life of cotton and pup wood.  

"Self Portrait 1" 

High End Fine Art created in Seattle,Washington